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The Best Job Search Sites on the Web

Reviewing the Top Sites for Job Seekers and What They Can Offer You | The first step in looking for a job is where to begin your search. The world wide web can hold a world of opportunity for you as a job seeker and the key to being an efficient job seeker is to have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information so you can manage your time wisely and find the perfect job for you.

Here are the top search engines for job seekers:


Career Builder boasts that they are the #1 Job Search Engine on the web. With over 1.6 million listings and new jobs posted every day, they are one of the most prolific providers of up to date and fresh jobs around. They offer advice, resume writing, career assessment, job search strategies, search engine is user friendly and it offers a local and nationwide job search.


The original job board on the web, monster is still a favorite of many. They offer job searches, resume services, salary calculators, a place to post your resume for employers, career mapping, advice on interviews, job hunting strategies, communities of workers who can network with each other for their particular field is also a new service they offer. Easy to use format and a search engine that does what you want it to do, I find monster to be one of the most solid and reliable search engines for jobs on the web. They will also send you alerts when a particular keyword comes up, so you can stay on top of whatever skill or job you are looking for.


This is a unique search engine that pulls from many different sites that some of the larger more traditional sites do not. It is easy to use, the jobs that came up on monster andcareer builder also came up in my searches on indeed, but more unique jobs also. Definitely one you should try out.


This is a little bit of a different format, presenting itself with a page that asks you to first choose the location you are seeking employment in, as opposed to entering a keyword and then narrowing down your search results by location or distance. Which makes a lot of sense, but may be making things more complicated, if you have to go back and search several of the same searches in different cities.


This site claims it is the #1 source for hourly employment, perhaps they state this because this is suited more for part time jobs, new hires out of high school, not as much for career or higher paying salaried positions, like management or experienced workers.Great for summer jobs, odd jobs and recent high school or college graduates.


This is a huge job search engine, claiming it has added almost 1 million jobs this past week. It searches many other websites so you don't have to. There are many ads on the results pages, making this a bit cluttered and confusing for me, but results seem plentiful.


This is the United States Job Board, for government jobs, county jobs, pay is great in government jobs, benefits are above average, opportunities are abound also.


This is again a large search engine that pulls from many websites, but like simply hired, there are a lot of ads all over the place, making it cluttered and confusing about which ads are for real or which are paid advertisements. It distracted me right away and nothing in this search engine would make me use this over the larger more popular engines.


Craigslist offers some really great local jobs posted by local community members, small business or niche jobs that can be some of the best you can find out there, but beware all the scammers on craigslist, as this is a favorite hang out for them. Make sure you are aware of this and you should be fine, never pay for information for a job, never pay toacquire a list for jobs, and never pay for work at home jobs. Remember anything that sounds too good to be true, most likely is.


This is a solid search engine that will pull from many sources, I have found that it isn't the best at keywords and pulling local jobs as I would like. I have to enter the county in which I am looking and many jobs that are within my county, are over and hour away from me. It doesn't localize it's jobs as well as other search engines do. I am always frustrated with the results coming up nowhere near my area. If you live in a large city, it may be much more useful.

Almost all of these search engines will lead you onto a path of finding a great job, but one thing to remember is to take full advantage of all the services and career help they offer, there is a wealth of information available on the big websites and much of it will help you in the long run if you invest your time into learning as much as you can.

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