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How to Customize Your Resume to be Chosen for an Interview

Resume’s are an important part of job seeking. They promote the applicant prior to the applicant being able to provide a favorable in-person impression. A good resume can make or break your chance of ever receiving a job interview.

Many companies screen initial applications based on the resume information. The top mistake, common to many job applicants, is to send the same resume to numerous job applications without customizing the resume to suit the desired job.

When writing a good resume the applicant needs to research the job requirements for the job for which you are making an application. The applicant should review all prior experience they have which meets any of the duties of the desired job. Then express these duties in relation to the desired job.

The purpose of a good resume is to persuade the employer, prior to the interview, that you have the required skills needed to be an asset to the employer’s business. The way the applicant presents their positive qualities and skills is important to making a favorable impression. An applicant who has the same qualification as another applicant may have an advantage if they are able to word their qualifications and skills in a manner that will allow the employer to view the applicant in the desired job.

Example: An applicant is seeking a sales position. The applicant has no experience in sales but has extensive experience as a receptionist in a professional business. It is important that the applicant stress on their resume the skills and qualifications that would serve them well as a salesperson and not the previously held position. Many applicants list excellent people skills. While excellent people skills would be required of a sales position, the applicant needs to be specific about skills that will be beneficial in a sales position..

An example would be describing job duties in handling irate customers and how you sold the employer’s product or services in the performance of your job. Most reception responsibilities include these duties as a regular expectation of job performance. Another example would be to list how you acquired a professional demeanor while working with a professional agency.

The key is to customize your job description to the desired job. This is not deceitful. as the applicant has the named skills, but uses the skills most suited to the desired job to describe their experience. Skills that would not be required should be noted but not much time spent on these areas as the employer is basically interested in what will meet their needs for the job in question.

Applicants should include a cover letter that tells the employer why you are interested in their position and why you feel they should hire you instead of someone else. Include any favorable accolades , emails, letters, ect… that you have received in the performance of your job. Also, any outstanding job reviews that you have received. Forget this step if you received less than favorable reviews. Your intent is to impress upon the employer all your positive attributes.

Resumes generally require three professional references from people who you have directly worked under. It does not need to be consecutive employers and only those you know will give you a positive review should be considered. It would be better to have lesser employers than to have an employer give you a bad review. Although you should always tell the employer they may contact a previous employer. Notify the persons that you have listed that they may receive a call and how much you would appreciate a good reference.

Jobs of short duration are sometimes best omitted on an application as they can convey to an employer you may quit after a short period of time. Employers are looking for employees who they believe will be long term. The cost of training an employee can sometimes be entensive.

Have another person review your resume prior to sending to see what impression you are portraying to a potential employer. While researching job duties and the intended employer can be time consuming, the effort will be rewarded. Employers are impressed that potential employees care enough to take the time to develop an impressive resume. Favorable character references from professional persons are always a plus in addition to any required work references.

When you decide on your desired occupation go all out to win the job for your own. Good luck, and read my upcoming article on interview techniques.

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