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5 Ways to Increase your Chances of Getting Hired

Job hunting is not easy however, here are 5 tips to make it a little less frustrating and generate better results. As a hiring manager and recruiter who has looked at thousands upon thousands of resumes and cover letters, I'd like to share a few tips to help you increase the likelihood of getting hired. Some of these comments may seem obvious however most job hunters don't follow them.

If you take this advice you'll increase your hire ability factor 10X over your job seeking competition!

Know your skills and the job requirements and concentrate on jobs which you are actually qualified for. Read the job advertisement 2 times before responding. Make sure you meet the minimum requirements. If you don't meet the minimum requirements you're probably better off moving to another job. If you simply must respond make sure you meet at least 80% of the job requirements and write a compelling cover letter along with it.

  • Whether you write an email cover note, submit along to an online job posting or call in to the hiring company DON'T argue with the person you are addressing. Being polite goes a long way.
  • Ensure all your correspondence is type-o free with proper spelling. The reason is simply that its your first impression. If the impression is this person didn't take the time to check their correspondence they will probably make lots of mistakes on work they are assigned. So make your first impression a good one. Many hiring managers automatically disqualify candidates with misspelled words and type-os. It's worth taking the extra 5 minutes.
  • If the job listing requires a degree don't argue, if they want someone with related work experience don't tell them you're a fast-learner (they've heard it before). If you want them to consider you politely demonstrate by providing examples of how you have previously come through with your abilities.
  • Consider this, if a company wants a trainee they'll say "trainee okay" or "willing to train" or post that its an "entry level" job. If they require 5 years experience they might look at 4 years, but they certainly don't want 1 year or less. It may be simple economics, they simply may not have the time or budget to train extensively or they may have had previous experiences which was negative with trainees. Whatever unless you know someone who can personally recommend you in a situation like that you might want to direct your effort to other positions that your skills more closely match. .
  • You are always welcome to submit your resume but why would you spend the time applying to a job you are not at least 80% qualified for? If you have unique talents and abilities call them out on your resume. If you have skills that the job posting or job description indicate are needed make sure those are listed example, "Word and Excel required" if you have those skills ensure they are listed in your resume and cover note if you don't they won't necessarily have the luxury of time to call and find out even if you listed "computer literate" that's very vague. Make it easy for the hiring manager or recruiter to see that you are qualified!

Don't make the hiring manager/recruiter play "guess which job I'm applying to" On all correspondence your cover letter, the submit information portion, the subject line on an email, be sure to indicate the title of the job you are applying to and where you saw it advertised or who referred you to the position. This reduces the chance you'll be disqualified because someone can't figure out which job you are applying to.

Include a short cover sheet or cover note If emailing the resume just a short note outlining the position you're applying to, the qualifications you have that match the job you're applying to. Saying "I meet all the qualifications" is not a cover letter!.

Proof everything for type-o's - Re-read your resume/Proof your Cover letter for errors and ensure all dates are listed Think of it this way, if you submit a cover letter and/or a resume that has type-o's, misspelled words and incomplete dates and missing information what does this say about you? To many hiring companies it says sloppy! It says I don't check my work. It says hire me I don't check my work when its for me so I probably won't check it for you either. It says I didn't take the time to proof my work, I'm just not that serious.

  • Fact: some hiring managers and/or recruiters won't look at a resume any further if they see one type-o or one misspelled word!
  • Fact: Many resumes have the incorrect email and phone numbers on them. How is the recruiter/hiring company going to reach the job seeker?
  • Fact: Many recruiters/hiring managers instantly reject resumes with incomplete and missing dates and move on to consider candidates who took the time to ensure their starting month and year are on the resume along with the ending month and year 2001 is not complete information 2001-2002 is not complete 1/2001 to 5/2002 provides a more accurate picture of how long the candidate worked at a company.

Ensure you are reachable your email address and phone number is on every document you submit. If your resume gets separated from your cover note you'll want to ensure you have your email and telephone, name and job title applied for on all correspondence. And again, double check and make sure your contact information is correct. I An opportunity could be lost!

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