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Things Not To Do In Your Job Search

When you are out on a job search, do not send out your resume to any advertised jobs. You will be wasting your time and effort applying for positions that you are not experienced or qualified for. It helps to be as precise as possible to match your skills and knowledge. If necessary, find specialist recruiters that can handle your particular field of specialization.
Below are thirteen more other examples of things that you should NOT do in your job search.

1. Did Not Check Resume

Write your resume to match the job requirement. When you adopt the strategy of applying to several advertisements, there is the tendency to send resume written specifically for another job.

Therefore, check your resume not just for the typo and grammatical errors, but also the content detail. Likewise, check the cover letter before posting.

2. Did Not Provide Enough Detail

Your resume should have sufficient detail of your personal information, education and work experiences.

Always give a short description of the company that you had work before especially if it is not well known.

Your personal information should have at least your full address, house or work phone number, your mobile number and email address. Do not include expected salary in your resume.

If you have time gap in your career such as taking a break for health reason, explain clearly so as not to jeopardize your chances. When called for an interview, explain further the reason for this time gap.

3. Did Not Write Customized Cover Letter

A customized cover letter will impress a prospective employer and may have you listed as one of the strong candidate for the job.

However, do not write a long cover letter. It should be only three paragraphs long. It must include reason for the cover letter, where you heard of this vacancy and lastly, information that will enhance your chances (that is not available in your resume).

4. Did Not Do Research

If you fail to research the company's background, its vision, goal, financial performance, shareholders and management team, then you may stumble if the interview questions are on these subjects. You may not be able to discuss and explain on what you can offer to the company and how you can fit in the organization.

Be a well-prepared candidate by doing research on the company and find out all that you can, to survive and succeed in the interview.

5. Did Not Read the Advertisement Properly

Most of the job applications end up in the rejected list simply because they fail to read the posting properly.

Read every single line and paragraph of the advertisement and be sure that it advertises for an electrical engineer and not an electronic engineer or mechanical engineer. Read the job's requirement, duties and responsibilities. If you have the strategy of applying for as many jobs as possible, you may end up applying for mismatched jobs.

6. Did Not Organize Your Job Search

It is best to have a dedicated email for all job searches and separate them from your personal email. With the amount of emails that you may get, you can easily miss an important message or fail to follow up on it, promptly.

If you are active in your job searches, you may forget that you had applied for a job with a particular company. If they call to fix an interview and if you are not organized, you may give a confused answer, as you may have no clue whatsoever of the application, position and the company.

7. Did Not Network or be in Mailing List

Some job advertisements are neither online nor in print. There are available only to those who are on their mailing list or given to recruitment agencies. If you know what organizations that you aspire to work for, register with them and be on their mailing list.

Alternatively, find contacts and other connections that can help you find and apply for these jobs.

8. Did Not Have a Positive Attitude

Some candidates tend to be arrogant in the style and language used in the cover letter. Be humble instead as it will work to your advantage.

Some may also show a negative attitude especially when expressing opinion of their previous companies or bosses. This will not reflect well on you and recruiters may disqualify you even if your education and work experiences match their needs.

Develop a positive attitude, as it will help you in interviews, meeting new and old contacts, networking calls and in everything else that you do. If you have positive attitude, others will think of you as someone that are pleasant to meet and know, and hopefully will land you that job.

9. Did Not Reveal the Right Information

If you are pregnant and are actively doing job searches, be transparent and tell the recruiter of your pregnancy, if it is not that obvious yet!

Interviews are conducted based on trust and if you are hired, you want the company to know that they hired the best person for the job and not someone who is out to deceive them. The best time to do this is when you received their letter of offer. However, if the pregnancy is obvious you may want to deal with the subject matter during the interview stage.

However, in some countries like the USA, you are not required to reveal your pregnancy or even your marital status.

10. Did Not Use the Right Keywords

If you submit your resume online, you have to use the right keywords to match your qualifications and work experiences, to get your email and resume noticed.

Therefore, when an employer or recruiter types a specific word to find the appropriate resume from their large database, chances are your resume will appear if it matches the search.

11. Did Not Ask for Help

There are many people in the same predicament as you and asking for help is not that difficult. It may make your job search easier for you.

For example, you may want someone to review and made changes to your resume and cover letters. Or you want to try new format and learn how to maximize and spice up on your knowledge and experience, for your resume. Ask friends or relatives for help.

Alternatively, you may try professional help.

12. Did Not Save File Properly

When you do your resume in word format, you should save it as .doc file and not as .docx file. If the hirer does not have the latest Microsoft Word software, he or she will not be able to open the .docx file. The .doc file is the older Microsoft Word version and can be open by everyone who has either the old or the new Microsoft Word.

To save it as .doc file, click on the 'File' tab, then on 'Save As' and type the file name of your resume.

Save it using your name so that hirer can easily know which file belongs to you i.e. save it as henrywilsonresume.doc. Likewise, do the same thing for the cover letter.

13. Did Not Follow the Rules of Job Search

Remember the dos and don'ts of job search including what you had read earlier. Writing good resumes, cover letter, be on time for the interview, dressed properly for the interview and sending thank-you note after the interview are examples of the dos of job search.

Spend time to prepare for the interview so that you will not make mistakes.

Dress appropriately for the job interview and make sure it is not messy, outdated and too revealing or flashy. Do not apply too much perfume and/or make-up. Keep a strong eye contact and have a firm handshake.

While it is OK to follow up with the recruiter after the interview, do not do it too often as it might annoy them and reduce your chances of being hired!

Follow all these tips and advice and you will find success in your job search.

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